Allow us to excite and inspire your class with our national curriculum based topics.

All of our topics have been revised to compliment the new requirements and guidelines of National Curriculum 2014.


During the session, each of our cute and friendly animals will be taken around the group whilst we encourage the children to look at and touch each of them, whilst as a group; we discuss each creature’s natural habitat, diet, and interesting facts.


To ensure the session is beneficial to all involved, we spend a minimum of 45 minutes with EYFS and an hour with all other age groups. The welfare of our animals is paramount, so we present a maximum of 5 sessions per day.


If your class is studying a particular animal related topic, such as Minibeasts, Habitats or The Rainforest,

they may benefit from a more in depth and intimate experience to complement their studies.

We can exclusively spend a full morning with just one class, splitting a long session of 90-120 minutes into two lots of 45-60 minutes, which your normal morning break, eliminating the chance of the group becoming unsettled with a long session.

We will be delighted to tailor our services to your specific needs, so please discuss any requirements you have with us.


For your piece of mind:

  • All our presenters are enhanced CRB checked
  • We have £5 million public liability insurance
  • Risk assessments will be provided



Our Topics:



The following are a list of topics that we have to offer. Some topics can be adapted to suit different age groups;


Just for fun

This is our staple topic, offering the chance to meet all of our animals and learn about each of them.  This theme is perfect as a treat for good behaviour or good attendance – The children will learn lots without even realising!

New for 2014
Evolution and adaptation



Around the world with Barnaby Bear

Join our very own Barnaby, dressed ready for a safari complete with binoculars,  on an adventure around the globe to meet some unusual animals.
Whilst studying a giant world map, the children will be encouraged to locate various different countries and also figure out which form of transport Barnaby will need to take, to get there.


A favourite with EYFS children. What does it mean to be a Minibeast? Meet some real live creepy crawlies and more.


The Rainforest
What animals might you find in each of the different layers of the Tropical Rainforest? This also gives the

chance to look at where rainforests are found and why.


Endangered animals and the environment
Why do animals become endangered and what can we do to help?


Classification of livings things
A more in depth insight as to why we put animals into different groups.


Learn how to care for a variety of companion animals.


Discover the environments in which animals live and how they have adapted to live there.


Nocturnal animals
Why are animals nocturnal and how have they adapted to night time activity? Discover some different types of animals that prefer life after dark and also those who don’t.


Discover how animals use their senses and learn things about them by using our own senses.


Life Cycles
This is a basic look at the various stages of growth and development of a variety of animals.