Our Animals

We have a selection of cute and friendly animals which we use for our workshops, all of which are family pets that are tame and happy to be handled.


The animals that visit you will be chosen depending on the length of time the booking is for,  which topic the group is studying, the children’s age and ability and also on the individual animals suitability, feeding and shedding patterns. We always choose a good variety of our most popular and interesting animals, however if there is a specific animal that you would especially like to see, please mention this at the time of enquiry and we will do our best to have them feature in your session.


In an hours session, we generally spend 10 minutes taking each animal around the group, so there is usually time for up to 6 animals. A more in depth half day session with one class can feature up to 10 animals.

Although not dangerous, we do not allow handling of our Tarantulas and Scorpions. Whilst also being very fragile creatures, they are mildly venomous which can cause allergic reactions.












Brazilian Rainbow Boa
Corn Snake
Bearded Dragon
Crested Gecko
Leopard Gecko














Chile Rose Tarantula
Emperor Scorpion
Giant African Land Snail
Giant African Millipede
Giant Madagascan Hissing Cockroach